You are very busy and cannot read all relevant to you articles? Or you just prefer listening instead of reading, but you seek the information quality and density of newspaper articles? Wouldn’t it be great to have a choice?
You will soon be able to choose relevant to you articles audiolized by preferred voices, create your own playlists and listen to them whenever and wherever you’d like.
As soon as your favourite newspapers join the network, you are going to be able to buy audio articles directly on their websites, as well as on
You can already set your profile preferences during the present initial phase. Check the names of your favourite information sources in the survey. This will speed up their joining to You can also browse the first audiolizers profiles. If you like somebody’s voice, you can already add that audiolizer to your favourites. After the official launch this will be taken into account by our recommendation system.
Learn more about the incentive programme and get a head start during the present initial phase.


If you are able to read well aloud, you can sign up as an audiolizer. You can already set your personal preferences in your profile. After the official launch you will receive notifications for all incoming articles matching your criteria. You can then decide which you would like to read aloud and record. Every time a user chooses and buys your audio version, you get a revenue share.
Tell the listeners why they should choose your audiolizations! As an audiolizer you will get the opportunity and the necessary tools to create a product with your voice and promote it. Spread the news about among family and friends. The more people buy your articles, the more revenue you will make. With the initial launch we started building up our three networks - content providers, audiolizers, listeners. Tell us which newspapers are your favourite information sources. In this way you will speed up their joining to the platform. Afterwards, you will be able to audiolize their articles. Vote in our survey about preferred newspapers
Thanks to our great incentive programme you can create an additional revenue source besides your income from sold audiolizations. Learn more about it and get a head start during this initial phase.

Content providers

If you are an established online newspaper and you are looking for ways to freshen up your business model, you can now join
You will get an additional revenue source without any investment needed! You just have to give your content for audiolization. Thanks to the platform you can offer greater comfort, mobility and a choice between formats to your readers. Enhance your digital portfolio! is based on a revenue sharing model. You will get a share from each sold audiolized version of your articles. The more you promote the new service and the more readers you engage, the more money this new channel generates for you. Last, but not least you will be able to reach new potential audiences thanks to our audiolizers’ and listeners’ networks. More

Platform brings three different networks together. It depends on you how much profit you will earn. Thanks to the revenue sharing model and the incentive programme listeners and audiolizers are interested in bringing their social circles to the platform, as well as established newspapers benefit from engaging their existing readerships.
Audiolizers will be promoted by the newspapers they read articles from. Newspapers get the chance to explore more interactive channels and reach potential new audience among the social circles of the audiolizers. The listeners get a great new service on an affordable price. Everybody wins!

Revenue sharing model is based on a revenue sharing model. When a listener buys an audio article, both the content provider and the audiolizer, who recorded the concrete audio version, receive their shares.

Incentive programme

All users can take advantage of the incentive programme.
Whether you are a content provider, an audiolizer or a listener, when you bring new users to the platform, they become part of your affiliate network.
Bring new listeners and you will get an affiliate share every time they buy an audiolization.
If your friends join as audiolizers, you will get an affiliate share from each sold audio version they made.
No matter what type of user your invitation brings to - listener, audiolizer or content provider, you will get an affiliate share from the revenue they generate for the platform.

One of the advantages of becoming a user during the initial phase is that you can invite much more people while they are still not registered. There are multiple channels you can use to inform your social circles about the service and invite them to the platform.
Get a head start in the incentive programme

Initial phase

Be a part of the process! We are building up our content providers, audiolizers and listeners networks. You can already sign up as an audiolizer or a listener and state interest in your favourite online newspapers. Once they join, we will notify you. You will be able to start audiolizing their content or choose audiolizations and buy them.
Tell us your favourite online newspapers