You have the ability to read well aloud. Use your voice to create a product and profit from it. Give others the opportunity to choose your audio and pay for it.

As an audiolizer in you will have the opportunity to read aloud and record audio versions of online articles. Your audiolizations will be offered to the listeners both on the websites of the content providers and on the platform. is based on a revenue sharing model - you will get a revenue share every time a listener buys an audio version you made!

During the present initial phase you can set up your profile and upload sample audiolizations. Use the different tools to promote your new activity! Vote for your favorite online newspapers so they can join as content providers and you can start audiolizing their articles as soon as possible!

Learn more about the great incentive programme and start growing your affiliate network right after you sign up!

We provide a specialized version of the Audacity recording software which will help you make audiolizations and edit them easily. You can download a simplified version of Audacity here.