A sample audiolization is a read-aloud article which you upload together with a link to the original source in your profile in order to finish your audiolizer registration. It is accessible in your profile so that the listeners can hear your voice.

Your audiolizer profile is visible to other users. It is important for listeners and content providers to hear your voice, so that they can add you as favourite audiolizer.

In order to get published, your profile needs to have at least one sample of a read-aloud article. Other samples (commercials, etc.) will not be accepted.

It’s up to you. We advise our audiolizers to consult the Terms of Service of the content providers they record a sample from.

No. They are not for commercial usage. They are only shown in the audiolizer’s profile so that both interested content providers and listeners can already browse the network and find their favourite audiolizers.

No. You choose what type of article you’d like to show your vocal abilities with.

No. It’s a platform, so you choose whether you’d like to offer a more neutral, serious or emotional tone in your samples.

You can upload up to 3 samples. Use the opportunity to show your variety of voices or upload audiolizations in different topics or languages.

That’s one of the ways to spread your personal affiliate link and grow your affiliate network.

Go to your profile settings or to the incentive programme interface. You can share your profile on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Please go to the incentive programme interface for a list of activities you can do to grow your affiliate network.

They’ll be taken into account by the recommendation system after the marketplace launch. You’ll get a feed with recommended to you articles for audiolization.

Yes, you can. Provide it in the “website” field in your profile settings.

The preferences of our users will influence the decision of which content providers we’ll launch the marketplace with.

The apps will be available after the marketplace launch.