No. You join and you get an additional revenue source.

It depends on how big your own readership is and how actively you promote the service. Even if you’re an average-sized newspaper, you can expect additional revenue of hundreds of thousands per year.

You can engage your readers by promoting the new service in your digital portfolio to them.

Yes, you can. Bring your readers as listeners, attract new audiolizers with your campaign or win over a new content provider. You’ll profit every time they generate income for the platform.

It comes from the platform’s revenue portion. It’s additional to your revenue from sold audiolizations of your content.

You can review the audiolizations before they get published. This is an optional feature.

Yes, you can, e.g. select minimum rating. However, we recommend a more open approach, so that the choice is left to the listeners.

Yes, you can mark your “trusted audiolizers” in your settings. Their audiolizations will be published automatically. You will still have the option to review the audiolizations of the audiolizers you don’t have any experience with.

Yes, you can. It’s completely optional. In that case, all audiolizations of your articles will be automatically published and the choice will be left to the listeners.

The audiolizers do not get salaries. They participate in the revenue sharing. If they do not offer a good quality, their audiolizations won’t get sold because they’ll have low ratings and bad reviews.

Yes, different options depending on your concrete mobile solution.

Yes. If they’re not logged in they can do so via a popup. There is no redirection to our website. Your traffic stays yours.

Yes, they can via the integrated widget with the available audiolizations.

No. They can listen to previews, buy audiolizations and listen to them directly on your website/mobile solutions. Your traffic stays yours!

If they want to buy an audiolization, they can quickly register via a popup on your website. They stay on your website and can use the whole functionality via our widget.

Yes, they do. All who register via your website automatically become part of your affiliate network.