The audiolizations are going to be distributed on the marketplace, on the websites of the content providers via our integrated widget, in our mobile solutions and in the mobile solutions of our content provider partners.

Yes, you can listen to a short preview of the audiolization and decide whether you’d like to buy it.

You can hear the whole audiolization - it is available on the marketplace in your “Audio Archive”, on the website of the newspaper via our integrated player, in our mobile apps and the mobile solutions of the content providers.

Yes, you can make playlists of your purchased audiolizations and listen to them wherever and whenever you’d like.

No, once bought you can always listen to the audiolization.

Setting your preferences leads to more relevant audiolization suggestions in your personal Audio Library thanks to the recommendation system.

Based on the preferences you set in your profile as well as on your activities on the platform, the recommendation system offers relevant audiolizations in your personal Audio Library, prioritized according to what content and voices you like.

Yes, you can in your profile settings.

Yes, you can in your profile settings.

Yes, just fill in the relevant languages in your profile. The audiolizations in your Audio Library are selected according to your profile settings.

Yes, you can sort and filter by a variety of criteria.

No. We don’t make an editorial selection of articles. However, we offer to you the “auto-buy” function.

If you activate this option, the top personally recommended audiolizations will be purchased and put automatically in a playlist for you. You’ll get your personalized playlist with relevant audiolizations, e.g. every morning when you’re going to work.

You can “flag” it for audiolization. You’ll be notified when an audiolization is available.

Yes, you can. This will affect the audiolizer’s general rating.

Yes, you can share a short preview of the audiolization. Keep in mind that all links you share are affiliated. Read about the incentive programme.

Yes, after a purchase you can comment on the audiolization.

If your favourite audiolizer recorded those articles, of course you can buy his/her version. However, the audiolizers have the choice of what to record, so if you’re interested in an article that they do not want to audiolize, you will be able to choose among audiolizations recorded by other audiolizers.