The marketplace is going to be launched officially after the initial phase when the networks of content providers, audiolizers and listeners are built. Register now and speed up the process.

An audiolization is an audio version of an online article, read aloud and recorded by a person from our network of audiolizers.

The marketplace will be launched with audiolizations in English and German. The expansion to other languages depends on the users’ preferences, on the languages of the new content providers and of the new audiolizers.

Yes, as soon as audiolizers and content providers in other languages join the platform.

The articles come from our content providers.

Every time somebody from your affiliate network generates revenue for the platform, you get an affiliate share from our revenue portion.

Yes, you can. Spread your personal affiliate link by directly inviting people to join or sharing links from the platform to social networks.

That’s our social mission, yes. This is a matter negotiated with each content provider individually, so keep in mind that some of them might decide to limit this option. Please use for more information.