The articles come from the content of our content provider partners.

No. The online newspapers participate in the revenue sharing, so it’s not a copyright infringement.

You can read aloud online articles and record them. Every time somebody purchases your audiolization, you get your part of the revenue.

You can decide which articles you’d like to record and when. There is no obligation to work.

You get tools for overview and additional information about the incoming articles.

Yes, you can share a short preview of the audiolization. Keep in mind that all links you share are affiliated. Read about the incentive programme.

Yes, you can. Make sure you filled in all languages in your profile settings. Your feed of recommended articles for audiolization is generated accordingly.

You take a share from the sales of your audiolizations. The amount of money you’ll make depends on you. Your audiolization will be offered to the millions of readers of our content providers. You can potentially make hundreds of Euros with a recording that took you 15 minutes.

The more you audiolize, the better quality you offer, the more people add you to their favourite audiolizers and the more you promote your audiolizations in the social networks, the more audiolizations you sell and the more money you make. Don’t forget the additional revenue from our incentive programme. Grow your affiliate network!

Your rating is generated by our scoring system which takes into account the ratings of your audiolizations, number of sales, how many times you were put in favourites and a number of other factors.

You get notified each time a new article matching your profile settings is available to be audiolized.

Yes, you can do that in your profile settings. E.g. you can get aggregated notifications.

You can use any software of your choice. We offer a customized version of the Audacity software.

You can use any hardware of your choice. Keep in mind that the better quality of the recording, the more people will buy your audiolization and you’ll make more money and create a good reputation on the platform.

We do not recommend using the built-in microphone. Usually, the quality is too low and can not compete with the recordings made using professional equipment.

It comes from the platform’s revenue portion and it is additional to your revenue from sold audiolizations.